Trail de la Croix Scaille in Belgium

To start smoothly on a distance of over 25km, I started to assault the Trail of the Cross Scaille. A 35km race for 800D +.

Louet-Saint-Pierre, a village in the town of Gedinne in Belgium on the border with France. This is where the first edition of « Trail of the Cross Scaille » takes place.

The departure is given at 14:00, 200 trailrunners launches an assault of the plateau of the Croix Scaille: highest point of the province of Namur. The first 6 kilometers are quite rolling, the rain stopped: requested better to start heating? But soon, the first (and only) difficulty arises after 8 km. One of over a kilometer wall that literally breaks the legs.

Nature is beautiful despite the bad weather and light rain that falls. We cross forests and heather to the first stop in the 12th kilometer in front of the « Millennium Tour ». The supply is quite poor: just water and orange quarters.

No time to hang it’s already left! The rest of the course is fairly flat and always kind. The staff are so privileged discovery that at times the paths disappear and we cut through the woods, trusting us to banners.

Two other supplies will follow until the long descent to Louet-Saint-Pierre.

Overall, it was a trail well enough to start. But nothing to launch défits.

Remember: strengthening the calves and thighs is to be expected and my Nike Lunar Trail are not provided for more than 25km races.

Deeply the next race!

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